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I cannot find user rate limit settings in my router settings to throttle certain mac addresses. Are their settings not normally available when logging into the router that require special privileges or passwords? I am on a shared connection with multiple users but I have full access to the router. I see all the other settings: password, broadcast name, reboot, but nothing for throttling connections based on mac address. Also the change DNS is whited out, I can't seem to change the DNS. I pay for this connection, so please helpful replies only.

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It sounds like you are looking for what I would consider to be Quality of Service (QoS) related settings. In my experience QoS usually isn't an option in simpler / less capable / lower end routers, including many multi-function modem router combination devices.

IMHO there is a very real chance that there is no option to do what I think you're wanting to do in the device that you're using.

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Grant Taylor

Assuming your current router doesn't have the required QoS settings, and assuming your current router can't run a 3rd party firmware that does includes QoS, you could potentially daisy-chain a second router which offers QoS. Before doing so, think about WiFi access and port forwarding, for starters.

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Char Jackson

Maker and model number of the router? Firmware version? QoS is usually by service type. For example, you can reduce delays to real time apps (VoIP, gaming, video) at the expense of delaying apps that don't require instant response (web, email, online shopping, etc). That doesn't sound like what you want.

More likely, you need a bandwidth management or traffic shaper feature. These are usually found only in high end routers or in external boxes (usually computers). For example:

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Note that consumer grade routers usually do not have the CPU horsepower to do traffic limiting and will tend to run slow when such features are enabled. This is not a problem when you're on a slow DSL internet connection, but can be a real bottleneck if you're on a fast fiber or cable internet.

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Jeff Liebermann

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