Help needed connecting switch to network

My home network is running thru a Netgear FWG114P "Wireless Firewall/Print Server". My apartment is wired so that 10 different locations are run into 1 closet. It runs problem free for both its wired and wireless connections. It's connected to a cable modem for Internet access.

I swap in and out the 6 connections which I don't have room for in the Netgear unit depending on the location I need to connect from.

I recently brought home from my office Bay Networks BayStack 350T-HD

10/100 Autosense Switch with 24 ports.

I thought I could simply plug all of my computer connections into the switch then the switch into the Netgear unit. Keep the Netgear unit uplink to the modem and I would be done. But, none of the computer connections worked. Also the only light on the switch that came on was the one leading to the Netgear unit.

I tried cross-over cables in each connection and while the light came on for the switch to Netgear connection (as it had before) nothing else seemed to connect with a cross-over cable.

Can someone tell me what I'm missing? Does the switch belong at a different place in the process?

Many thanks in advance

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You plug the switch into a LAN port on the router, with no cross over cable, just a plain cable like you use to connect a wire computer to a LAN port on the router.

And what's an Uplink port have to do with this? I'll assume you mean the WAN port on the router that's connected to the modem. The Uplink port is for connecting a switch to it to expand the network. It's either the UPlink or LAN port that you connect the switch to.

Duane :)

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Mr. Arnold

"Billz" wrote in news:1163341484.445163.139010

That is how it should work. Just unplug all devices from the current switch and then plug them into the new switch.

Then use a patch cord from a port on the old switch LAN to a port on the new switch LAN.

According to the users manual, this switch is not just a plain switch, it is highly configurable and manageable.

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. (Watch for wrapping.)

You say you picked this up from you place of employment ? Could it possibly be that it has been highly configured ?

I've also seen issues with auto-negotiation, but never an entire LAN worth of devices, usually just that 'one' damn PC.

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