have my laptop act as an AP for others in a meeting

I need to plug my laptop into a wall and then have it acts as an AP so
others can access internet.
Is this possible? If it is, how can I do this? It has an an abg card in it
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Internet connection sharing. Google it.
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I would *not use Internet Conn Sharing, it's clunky as heck. You can get a very cheap travel router for about $40 that lets you do this. Or, you can connect with one other computer using ad hoc mode, but it's a pain to configure. In fact, stringing an Ethernet cable between laptops is easier and faster. (Heh, especially if you are in the same room.) MS auto-senses the connection and enables peer networking...
- JB
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I'll assume your wall has an ethernet connection into a corporate LAN.
What's an ABG card? Does it have a manufacturer and model number? Just curious.
The right way to do this is to get a wireless access point or a wireless router setup as an access point. That plugs into the wall and everyone connects via wireless to this access point. The problem is that most corporations, companies, government agencies, and individual frown upon non-IT people doing this without informing the high command. What you're effectively doing is inviting anyone outside the building into what I guess is your company's LAN. This is not a very good idea for security and tends to attract hackers like myself. You might also find that the company employee manual specifies that do-it-thyself expansion of the network is punishable by firing, death, or both. Before you plug anything into the wall that isn't authorized, I suggest you ask someone in IT first.
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Jeff Liebermann
Quite and at the same time, ask why *they* aren't using 802.1x authentication on the switch to stop you connecting this unauthorised AP in the first place.
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David Taylor
Set it up as "ad-hoc".
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