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I am thinking of buying a small AP for use when I am traveling. Many hotels now provide WIRED internet access that would assigned you a dynamic IP address to your laptop. Most of the time the first time you connect, it would bring you to a "subscribe website" to which you would have to agree to pay or some sort of legal acknowledgement. This is not a problem. I would like to hook up a small/mini Access Point to the ethernet cable in the hotel room, and then enable my wireless connection in my laptop so I am not tethered to the wire. Would I be able to see the subscription page so that I can get connected to the internet even though the laptop has a different MAC address than the AP?

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Yes, if the AP is simply bridging.

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John Navas

Check out the WiFlyer at

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It's a small shirt pocket sized AP that can connect to LAN's, and also has a dial-up modem built in for those places that don't have a network. Great for traveling, I've been using one for years.

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Peter Pan

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