From Access Point to Router via Hub

Is it possible to connect a wireless access point to a router via a hub? Unfortunately my router has a single ethernet port, and so does my wireless access point, so I have connected both to a hub (not a switch). To the same hub I have also connected a wired PC.

The wired PC can go outside of the router on the Internet with no problems. And also all wireless PC can go outside to the Internet, if the wired PC is not using the Internet. But as soon asit does, the wireless access point crashes and all connected wireless clients loose the connection.

Any idea? Is the Access Point crappy or I have a wrong network topology?


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Yes, no problem. As long as they're all on the LAN side of the router, they can use a hub or a switch, it doesn't matter (except that a hub will perform less well).

Sounds like your router only provides one internal IP address? What model is it? Did you turn on the DHCP server ?

Topology should be

internet -> router -> hub-> other devices (ie PC and AP)

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Mark McIntyre

They are.

The router is a DHCP server and provides several IP addresses to both wired and wireless PC. The Access Point has been configured with a static IP, of course ( and its DHCP capabilities have been disabled. The internal IP address of the router is

The router is a ZyXEL Prestige 630. Never had a problem with it in 5 years.


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