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Does anyone know of a way to force a VPN client (Cisco) to start when a wireless connection is detected? I would like to transparently force my users to connect to VPN when using wireless but if they are at home or on the company LAN with a wired connection I don't want to force VPN

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Bad Beagle Boy
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I dont think there is specifically, but you could have someone write a program that will check the connectivity status of the Wireless card, and fire the VPN if it's online.


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On Thu, 07 Dec 2006 01:48:00 GMT, "Bad Beagle Boy" wrote in :

A better bet is to enforce VPN in your wireless routers, which can be done in a number of better products, including SonicWALL.

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John Navas

Couldn't you just require VPN on the wireless connection? How transparent are you talking about?

If the wireless access point had no routes to anywhere except via VPN, wouldn't that suffice?

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There are some commercial products which can be used to do exactly this. Generally they can be used to enforce good connection practices on your users---like using a VPN when you connect at a hotspot, as well as other best practices like not connecting to ad-hoc networks and not allowing users to bridge between a wireless network and a wired one.

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