termination reason 412 with cisco vpn client

using win/xp and cisco vpn client ver 4.80 to connect remote offices [dozen of them] into corporate network, corporate gateway is some "asa" device, don't know exactly. the internet connection is realised as adsl, mostly as


problem is that on some locations remote user after 15-20 minutes of being connected gets alert:

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Sounds like a provider problem. Are any users in the office experiencing loss of internet connectivity? If they are, and you can correlate those times as the same as those who lose VPNs, then that could be your issue. Remember that web traffic is much more resilient since its tcp and will simply retransmit, but in the case of a VPN tunnel, it is much more finicky. If the connection drops, the tunnel will too. I would look into setting up some pings to external sites to see if/when you are getting drops, and how that matches up with the vpn issues.

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I've seen similar behavior when users have used the VPN client from wireless LANs at their home office. We tell them to switch to a wired connection if they want reliable access to the corp LAN.


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