Firmware to encourage open access?

Would it make sense to have router firmware that would allow both secure wireless access and free open access at the same time and treat them differently? It would work like this: If I connect via my laptop with a password the software would give me priority in connection speed. The freeloaders would not be starved entirely but would be limited if I am hogging bandwidth but could go full tilt when I'm idle. I realize this might require special software at the computer end as well.

My thinking is that people would be more apt to allow open access if their own use is prioritized and not just evenly divided. Open access is a good thing...good for people who need to log on while away from home but don't need a full wireless service. It's also good to promote anonymity in an age when the government is ordering ISP's to track every move you make online. Maybe there is some way to do this on a simplified basis by leaving access open and letting the router prioritize based on MAC address? Does this already exist perhaps?

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Steve Kraus
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On Thu, 23 Nov 2006 18:26:16 GMT, Steve Kraus wrote in :

Sure, and there are products like that; e.g., SonicWALL TZ-150 Wireless.

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