Unable to resolve name on server help

I am trying to connect a device through a wireless router to the internet. It finds an IP address, but when it tries to connect to the internet, it comes back with an error message "unable to resolve name on the server". Does anyone know what setting I need to change?

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where to start.....

what kind of router? what are your router settings? static or dhcp? what are your pc settings? static or dhcp? does it work wired? are you using a proxy? is this new? or old and it suddenly stopped working? is this your wireless router? can you ping by name? can you ping by address? can you get to a web site by address? define "It finds an IP address" ... are you using a hotspot that requires you to pay - and you are trying to use it for free? do you need to have a userid and password for the wireless router?

these are just a few questions that come to mind ....

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