Connect Wirelessly to PC on 5th Floor of a Apt.Distance is atleast 175 Mtrs from hub

Hello. I'm experienced with wired networking but I've never really done much with wireless equipment. Unfortunately for me, I've got a situation that requires it. We have to provide Internet service for one of the flats (on 5th floor) in a building and the distance is about 150 to max 175 metres from our nearest hub. You can say we can run CAT5e to the spot but we can't do it in this situation as the stupid apartment president doesn't allow the same for his own dumb selfish reasons.

Here's the situation:

  1. A flat is on the 5th floor of the distance between the PC and where i can put a Wireless Router is about 150~175 metres or so.
  2. I can't have any above-ground cabling and I've been asked to use wireless instead of using CAT5.
  3. Our hub will have an Internet connection that will connect to any Wireless Router you can suggest to or which is compatible with other hardware in this setup.
  4. We may also need to connect few other flats in the apartment (which is quite big upto 500 metres radius with many flats in it) in very few days wirelessly.
  5. There is NO LINE OF SIGHT at all places.
  6. I'm fairly sure that I will need to provide some kind of wireless router/ repeater for them to connect to.
  7. I am from Hyderabad, India and Wireless networking equipment access is very much limited.
  8. I prefer if you suggest equipment which operates on IEEE 802.11 b as it is much economical.

I've done some poking around for answers but haven't figured out anything concrete just yet relative to my situation though i found few on connecting two Wireless Routers Wirelessly.

Any help would be appreciated. Please do mention about the complete hardware required along with firmware details and any practical examples of such similar situations if you have already solved before.

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Apart from wifi, you might also consider Powerline Networking for bridging larger distances in . I don't know about your power system there, or availibility of these devices, but in the US, A pair costs about $120. One unit connects to your router and plugs in to adapt the ethernet onto the building's power circuit. One or more additional units can be plugged in wherever you need to network. More reliable generally, than wifi.

And, at any point that you want, you can connect a wireless access point/router to the powerline networking adapter.

Here's one brand:

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The 84 MBPS system is known to work well.


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