Newbie Questions about WAP connected to Router

My understanding is that a wireless access point (WAP - its LAN port connected to one of the baseline routers LAN ports) can pull an IP address from the baseline router (baseline router is set up for DHCP with some IP addresses set to static - specifically, the IP address assigned to the WAN by the baseline router would be declared as static in the baseline router configuration). I also plan on only using the WAP for the wireless clients, the baseline router wireless would be turned off. All of my computers are either win xp pro or win98 se.

From looking at several WAP user guides, it is implied that the WAP simply acts as a hub in order to send out data to the wireless clients. If this is so:

  1. Would all wireless clients register the same IP - that of the WAP?

  1. If so, then is the client MAC address used to determine which wireless client gets which data?

  2. Right now, all of my computers show up in Network Places (including those which are wired to the baseline router) with their corresponding shared folders being visible/accessible (all in the same Workgroup). The computers are identified by their Computer Name. Would this still be the case with the WAP setup since the wireless clients would all have the IP of the WAP (if my understanding above is correct)?

  1. Am I correct in assuming that all HW firewall and NAT functions are done only by the baseline router?

Thanks, Harvey

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Correction to first paragraph - should have been:

"specifically, the IP address assigned to the WAP by the baseline router would be declared as static in the baseline router configuration)."


Harvey Gratt wrote:

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Harvey Gratt

My setup is a Linksys router (no wireless) connected to an external DSL modem. I also have connected to the router a standalone Linksys WAP for wireless access.

The router handles all NAT, DHCP, firewall inspection, PPPoE for DSL, etc... The WAP is merely a wireless hub - like you mentioned. It only uses an IP address for itself - for admin access, etc I do have the WAP setup for MAC address security... only specific MACs can connect. This is also where you would define any wireless security like WEP, WPA, etc

Just like a wired hub world, the DHCP requests from wireless computers flow thru the WAP to the router to get an IP address... the WAP is transparent.

All sharing works the same - wired or wireless - it's again transparent.

Lastly, a lot of the WiFi devices today are all combined into a single box; router, WAP, etc.

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Thank you. That pretty much answers my questions.


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