Dell TrueMobile 1150 Linux WPA

I was wondering if it is possible to get a Dell TrueMobile 1150 wireless card working in linux under WPA encryption.

I currently have the same card running under Windows XP SP2 with updated Dell drivers which allow for WPA encryption.

I've heard that since WPA is all software oriented, the drivers just need to support the hooks for the software.

Last time I tried in Linux, I think the orinoco drivers did not support WPA.

Any comments from anyone with any experience in WPA Linux Wireless Drivers would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, George

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George... I'm with ya...

I've been searching for a week to try to get this problem figured out... and all I can find are your posts. hahaha... sigh... If you figure it out let me know...

dan wrote:

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Hey George!

Good news... maybe.... Like I said, I've been stressing about this too. And..... I got it to work under Ubuntu. Well, I really can't take credit for it. Read this posting:

formatting link
Hope this helps you out. I saw two or three other postings from you across the web. I think you and I are possibly the only people in the world with the truemobile 1150. Whatever though... It's working now. Good luck.

dan wrote:

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That is great! I'll set mine up soon. I'm hoping that this patch would be merged into the kernel, but since it relies upon a non-open firmware, I don't see this happening any time soon.

Thanks again!


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