[OT?]Reading this group impossible with my ISP, what solution?

My ISP (Zonnet->Versatel->Tele2) some time ago and without warning dumped alt.internet.wireless from their server. I cannot get this in my Outlook Express newsgroups any more through them. Any suggestions how I can restore the group this way? I don't want to follow through a browser window, prefer OE (duh... yeah I know).

Any other Zonnet/Versatel/Tele2 clients with this problem? What solution did you use?

Paul, Zoetermeer

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snipped-for-privacy@gmail.com (Paul) wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@v33g2000cwv.googlegroups.com:

Contact your ISP and tell them to restore the newsgroup.

If that doesn't work, and you don't want to use Google, you'll have to start using another news provider.

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Bert Hyman

If you sign up for Google Groups you can get a digest email or email for every message, posted, then set up a filter in Outlook Express to put them in a separate folder. It's not the same but it might work.

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Chris Mcnally

"Paul" wrote in news:1167940107.462060.165160 @v33g2000cwv.googlegroups.com:

I am absolutely unfamiliar with using OE as a newsreader, but I'm sure it not nearly as configurable as XNews ? Does it support multiple servers ?

My ISP outsources NNTP and due to that, I've only got a 5 gig/month quota. I use that up in the binary groups pretty quickly, usually just on one or two uses after it resets.

Anyway, to read text groups, I d/l headers/articles from a free server, news.readfreenews.net which only carries text groups. When I post, I post thru one or two other free servers that you can post though. I found that usenet.com offers a free posting only server, post.usenet.com, and there's another one I found.

So, D/L from one free server and post thru another is an option. If you can do that with OE I don't know.

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"Paul" hath wroth:

Zonnet outsources their usenet news to Versatel: ping news.zonnet.nl Pinging news.versatel.nl [] with 32 bytes of data: I can't read Dutch so I can't find if they have an online web based news reader. If the newsgroup was really dropped, you'll probably need to contact Versatel.nl which would have some mechanism for adding or fixing newsgroup lists. Meanwhile Google groups or some other web based reader should work.

However, that's NOT your problem. The problem is that you're using Outlook Depress for Usenet news, which is not a good idea. You can probably get alt.internet.wireless back into the distribution list by simply downloading (not refreshing) the entire list of usenet groups. It might take a while to download all 90,000+ groups, but you will end up with a clean list that should include alt.internet.wireless.

If you want a newsreader that works, I suggest Forte Agent (US$35).

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Jeff Liebermann

Jeff Liebermann wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@4ax.com:

Or as I mentioned, XNews (US$0)... xnews.newsguy.com

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