Who has the better WLAN... AirSpace or Aruba?


I have been evaluating WLAN solutions and have narrowed the choice down to two; AireSpace (Cisco) and Aruba. The one thing I really like about Aruba's system is that access points can be configured as IDS sensors only, which would eliminate some of the performance problems associated with AP's that also act as sensors. Can the Cisco Airespace solution enable AP's as sensor only? I am concerned that a busy access point will not be able to detect rogue devices.

Someone out there must have experience on both systems.

Who has the better enterprise WLAN and why?

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Cisco 1200 access points and 1300 bridges can be set up as scanners

This is the output when queeriing the options when on the radio interface

repeater Repeater access point root Root access point scanner Scanner access point workgroup-bridge Workgroup Bridge

Take a trip to this URL and have a look at the section "WIRELESS LAN INTRUSION DETECTION AND PROTECTION"

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It may answer a few questions for you

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