Broadcom 4306 with WPA2

I can't say for certain, but only the Dell 1370 and 1470 seem to be certified for WPA2:

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Jerry Park
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I have an Dell Inspiron 600m with the Dell Wireless 1350 card (based on the Broadcom

4306/2050 chipset).

Is this chipset capable of full WPA2 operation? The drivers I have (, seem to only allow you to select WPA, and I am having some issues with my router (a D-link DI624), which I don't know where to blame yet.

Any alternative drivers I should try, which would support WPA2 if these ones don't?



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Well, if you happen to be running Windoze XP SP2, you could just install:

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's not in the chipset or even in the Broadcom driver. It's in the "supplicant". Also, be advised that it's not a full implimentation of all the assorted authentication schemes supported by WPA2.
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Jeff Liebermann

I second Jeff on this one. It worked like a charm for me after running the MS update and then shutting off the Dell wireless software.


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