Anyone know a wireless card to work with a Dell Inspiron 3100C?

Can anyone tell me an internal wireless card that will fit a Dell Inspiron 3100C as I can't find one. Dell's website is no help at all (we knew that thought didn't we!) so can anyone advise me what to get an preferably where to get it. It needs to be slimline as the standard cards do not fit the 3100C and none of the retailers I can find on or offline identify a card that can do the job. It is to work with a BT Wireless Router



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Neil and Julie
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Dell doesn't list an Inspiron 3100C, which would be a notebook. They do list a Dimension 3100C, in which case rather than beat yourself up searching for 1/2 height cards why don't you get a USB one? However, Linksys makes one which should fit and also several USB ones;

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