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This is for the users of DD-WRT in this group.

In the latest (07/13/2007) release of v23 SP3 of DD-WRT, Brainslayer has removed a huge number of wl command options including some that I've used in previous examples and utilities. At this time, the workaround is not documented in the Wiki.

In the past, I did a site survey with: wl ap 0 (Turn off access point) wl scan (scan for access points) (wait about 10 seconds) wl scanresults (display results) wl ap 1 (turn on access point)

That no longer works. The scan and scanresults commands have been vaporized to gain much needed RAM. Fortunately, the script "site_survey" does the same thing with much neater output. Here's my results for my home router:

# site_survey buflen=[792] version=[107] count=[6] | [ 0] SSID[ moo] BSSID[00:13:10:EA:0B:97] channel[ 6] rssi[-89] noise[-94] beacon[100] cap[401] dtim[0] rate[12] enc[Open] | [ 1] SSID[ linksys] BSSID[00:0F:66:E2:F7:09] channel[ 6] rssi[-88] noise[-99] beacon[100] cap[1] dtim[0] rate[12] enc[Open] | [ 2] SSID[ 2WIRE934] BSSID[00:12:88:D9:84:B9] channel[ 6] rssi[-81] noise[-99] beacon[100] cap[431] dtim[0] rate[12] enc[WEP] | [ 3] SSID[ 2WIRE549] BSSID[00:0D:72:D3:9B:D1] channel[ 6] rssi[-78] noise[-94] beacon[100] cap[471] dtim[0] rate[13] enc[WEP] | [ 4] SSID[ 2WIRE073] BSSID[00:14:95:08:42:41] channel[ 6] rssi[-86] noise[-99] beacon[100] cap[431] dtim[0] rate[12] enc[WEP] | [ 5] SSID[ linksys] BSSID[00:13:10:05:48:77] channel[ 6] rssi[-93] noise[-99] beacon[100] cap[401] dtim[0] rate[12] enc[Open]

struct site_survey_list { uint8 SSID[32]; unsigned char BSSID[18]; uint8 channel; /* Channel no. */ int16 RSSI; /* receive signal strength (in dBm) */ int16 phy_noise; /* noise (in dBm) */ uint16 beacon_period; /* units are Kusec */ uint16 capability; /* Capability information */ unsigned char ENCINFO[32]; /* encryption info */ uint rate_count; /* # rates in this set */ uint8 dtim_period; /* DTIM period */ } site_survey_lists[SITE_SURVEY_NUM];

The chars use 2 bytes because of word alignment I guess. At the end the record is padded with zero's, which makes the whole record 100 bytes in size, thus the site_survey log is 5000 bytes exactly.

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