Test / measure free line of sight in city ?

A bright light source on one building, and a mirror on the other. There are also toners that microwave radio installers use. Basically low cost transmitter and receiver that gives a tone for received signal strength.

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I want to make a connection between two buildings some 1.5 km apart in a city.

There is no free line of sight.

But maybe with two poles of 5 meter on each rooftop high it might work.

But you can't climb in a pole - and spending time creating the whole network just to find out it has no connection is a waste.

Is there a simple (electonic) test / trick to test if the top of the two poles can 'see' eachother?

Thanks for any help.

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FCM Wiesmans

On 30 Oct 2006 14:32:56 -0800, "FCM Wiesmans" wrote in :

You need more than just line of sight -- you need a clear fresnel zone. Check Wikipedia.

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John Navas

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