dd-wrt How do I connect after joining a network?

I just put dd-wrt on my router and I've found several sources including my local library, but when I connect to one of the networks I still get no connectivity. What settings and information do I need to use one of these sites as an ap. People make it sound like it's an instant thing if you can actually find a local source with the survey tool.

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We can start by finding out how you're actually going about connecting in the first place. I seem to have no problem when clicking "Join" next to the details of a specific access point under Status > Wireless > Survey pop-up window. It will turn the Wireless > Basic Settings tab "Wireless Mode" drop down box to "Client", and you should be able to plug your wired network interface card into the router to access the network. You can alternatively do this all manually under that same Wireless tab if you like. If that's not working, more troubleshooting questions may need to be asked. Such as what your firmware version number is, what other settings are in place in Setup > Basic Setup (specifically the DHCP settings), etc.


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I'm using the micro version of dd-wrt v.23 sp final. In the connection status tab in the control panel I see everything has been assigned something. The DCHP server is The remote connection has even gave me a 24 hr lease. It's boggling my mind how I could get all this info wirelessly but can't connect.

Also, do wifi sniffing programs like netstumbler work with dd-wrt routers by themselves or are they only capable of working with wireless adapters only?

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What exact router do you have? Maker, model, and hardware version?

There's no such thing as v.23 sp final. On the main router config page, in the upper right corner, will be the exact version. For example, my office is running: Firmware: DD-WRT v23 SP2 (09/13/06) std and at home: Firmware: DD-WRT v23 SP3 (07/21/07) std Hmmm... It's suppose to say that it's the NoKaid version and doesn't.

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I assure you that you mind will be un-boggled immediately after you disclose whether those numbers are correct. Can you connect to the router web config at via CAT5 ethernet wire? Via wireless? If you can connect via CAT5, but not via wireless, you have something screwed up in your wireless settings.

Netstumbler runs under Windoze and has nothing to do with the router. Kismet runs under Linux and has little to do with the router. There is a version that will run on the router called Kismet Drone, but your router probably doesn't have enough RAM to run it.

You can do some crude sniffing using DD-WRT this way: telnet login: root password: ********** cd /sbin /sbin # site_survey buflen=[480] version=[107] count=[3] [ 0] SSID[ NETGEAR] BSSID[00:1B:2F:4F:60:AC] channel[11] rssi[-89] noise[-98] beacon[100] cap[421] dtim[0] rate[12] enc[Open] [ 1] SSID[ default] BSSID[00:15:E9:68:28:A2] channel[ 6] rssi[-81] noise[-89] beacon[100] cap[431] dtim[0] rate[12] enc[WEP] [ 2] SSID[ moo] BSSID[00:13:10:EA:0B:97] channel[ 6] rssi[-93] noise[-89] beacon[100] cap[401] dtim[0] rate[12] enc[Open]

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