DD-WRT v23 SP2 site survey shows "Open - No"

I had to change some network connections on my Buffalo WHR-G54S based network. I changed the router names, passwords, User IDs. I can log into either WHR-G54S from a system connected to it via the LAN ports. I can ping the connected router. But I can't connect via wireless between them. When I run site survey from the second WHR-G54S, under "Open" it says No.

Router 1 Connects to internet (this is through it} AP mode, Mixed, WPA-PSK TKIP, DHCP Server enabled, Loopback Disabled

Router 2 Client Bridge, Mixed, WPA-PSK TKIP, DHCP server disabled, DHCP forwarder, Loopback disabled.

I saw Router 1 would disappear from the sites under system information. This does not appear to be a power issue, since the signal at #2 is about 63%.

I did check WIKI, searched the DD-WRT forums, tried Google Groups. Most mentions [perhaps all] of using the site survey just tell you to hit Join, but don't talk about what to do if a site shows up as not open. Hitting Join results in a message that you have been added as a client, but no DHCP lease shows up, the router #1 fades in and out [disappears then reappears].

Can someone point me to a more detailed description of DD-WRT's "Site Survey"? The help page has about one sentence on it...

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Perhaps it would be helpful if I explain what the "site survey" button does.

If your device is in "AP mode", then firing off the site survey tool temporarily forces the device into the "client bridge" mode so it can see other AP's. If you then hit "Join" you are now set to the "client bridge" mode, and NOT the "AP mode". This is probably what happened to you (as it did to me twice before I figured out what the [deleted expletive] was happening. The problem is that a client will not see another client with the "site survey" button, which is why your Router

1 disappeared.

Therefore, I suggest you either go back and check your "Wireless Basic Settings" Mode setting, or play it safe and just stomp on the reset button for over 15 seconds and start over. Router 2, setup as a client, is probably setup just fine.

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