Damn, I feel like a dummy.

I'm so old I can remember searching hexidecimal dumps to fix operating systems. But all this "new fangled" stuff has got me totally out of the loop.

Here's the problem: Through much effort and time, I recently reopened my DLS account for which they sent me a new modem. The modem connects with the internet. While online with elevated SBC support, made a change to my DSL configuration to allow a bridge (?) connection. Wiring the modem to my router and wiring my router to my computer and I get internet access. Remove the wire to computer and I can't get to the internet. The wireless connection is good, icon green on the task bar. I am using a Netgear WGT624 v2.

I am not using much of SBC's software. It took me considerable time to remove all but the essential a few years ago.

Any clues on what I should be looking for to correct my problem?

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Betsy Ross
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You're expectng the PC to work with the wireless interface on your router then?

You say the wireless connection is good, so I'm assuming that your wireless card is plugged in and working. Ensuring that your wireless card has a good signal is one step forward, it means it can see your router.

How have you setup your Wireless router? It's usually a good idea to setup your wireless router with security enabled so other people or devices are prevented from attaching to your router and using your internet connection. Whatever settings you use to setup the router, make a note of them as you'll need them later on to setup a profile on your PC.

Next step is for the Wireless Card in your PC to get a DHCP address from the wireless router. Did you install any wireless client software when you installed the card. If so use that to setup a profile associated with your wireless router and should be up and running in no time.

The profile will store details like the Wireless Router name, the level of Security used (e.g. WAP, WPA, no security etc), encryption level (128 bit, 64 bit or none) and the password (if any).

If you're stuck on any of this, then have a look on the support section of Netgear's website and download the Users Guide for your router. The manuals are quite good and will guide you through the basics of setting it up.

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And when you click on that icon what does it show? Does it say "Connected." And are you connected to the network that you think you're supposed to be connect to?

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