How safe is WAP

How safe is WAP? New to the wireless stuff. If I had a choice do I use WEP or something else? Right now my network sharing is my entire pc drives A, C, D, E, H on 2 of my pc's.

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About as safe as one can be. To the best of my knowledge, nobody has ever been hurt using WAP.

WEP64 and WEP128 can easily be cracked. So far, only very weak pass phrases in WPA have been cracked.

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Jeff Liebermann

I'd go with WPA instead of WEP -- much safer.

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I'll second the motion on this, and add that WPA was much easier to set up and get operating smoothly than was my WEP attempt. I had a notebook with an older 802.11b wireless adapter that wouldn't handle WPA so I tried setting my home network up, using WEP. It would work fine until one of the computers went into sleep mode. This computer would drop the link and the only ways to bring it back alive was to either re-boot or key in the passphrase and click on the connect button.

I trashed the 802.11b notebook adapter and replaced it with an

802.11g, then re-structured my home network for WPA encryption. This has been working flawlessly for more than a week. It even survived a thunder storm that had the lights blinking and the computers falling back to their UPS power.
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"WFF" wrote in news:

WPA-PSK with TKIP is very safe. I am not aware of any reports that it has been cracked, and it contains several safeguards against attack.

It is important to use a strong passphrase - the usual recommenstaion is 20 characters or more, consisting of non-dictionary words.

WPA encryption based on a PSK (Pre Shared Key) has been cracked, but only with weak (ether very short or short dictionary words), but not TKIP which changes the encryption key frequently.

If your hardware and firmware / device drivers support it, WPA2 is even stronger - it uses AES encryption for which no attacks are known.

Hope this helps

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Richard Perkin

Wireless Access Points use very low power so they are safe.

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Barry OGrady

Taking a moment's reflection, WFF mused: | | Right now my network sharing is my entire pc | drives A, C, D, E, H on 2 of my pc's.

Other than adding to the others recommending WPA over WEP, I will add that sharing your entire drive(s) is *very* insecure. Should someone get on your LAN, they would have complete access to your system(s). You should only share those folders that you need to share. For example, I have one folder "C:\\Shared" on each of my computers and notebooks that are shared on the network. That way, no matter which one I am using, I can drop or pull files from the others' folder. Also, UltraVNC allows me to remotely control any of the computers from the others.

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