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I have my cable modem connected to a Netgear RP614 router in a small office off our den. I have two cables run underneath the house from there - one to the kids' room and one to my "real" office in the back of the house. In the kids' room there is a Dlink DI614+ wireless router, which I want to function only as a hub and wireless AP. I plugged the network cable into one of the router ports, turned off DHCP, enabled wireless functionality, and everything has been working fine - except that the speed on downloads (on even the wired computers connected to the Dlink) is about 1/5 the speed of downloads elsewhere, including the computer in my real office, which is behind an Intellinet 8-port switch, along with a Vonage phone adaptor. Last night after noticing the much slower speeds of the computers in the kids' room, I disconnected the Dlink and plugged one computer directly into the network connection in that room, and the speeds jumped up to match the others in the house.

The Dlink is definately drastically reducing network speed. Is this normal when using a router in this fashion, or do I possibly have a configuration error?

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No, that's not normal. However, you don't supply a single number that can be used as a sanity check. 1/5th the speed of what? Speed downloading from the internet or from computer to computer on your LAN.

How are you measuring the speed?

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Which DI-614+ ??? Rev A has 2 antennas. Rev B has 1 antenna.

I'm guessing one of your devices is set for 10baseT instead of

100baseT, or that NWAY negotiation has failed between boxes. It's also possible that you have wiring or connector problem with the CAT5 cabling.

It's a fair assumption that everything except what is connected to the DLink is working normally. That leave the DLink DI614+ or some of the cables attached to it. Try borrowing the Intellinet 8 port switch (model number?) and replacing the DI614+ with it for a while.

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