Why am I having trouble connecting from upstairs to downstairs with my wireless G System ? Any help please

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First off, you need to fill in some information like, description of house, how many walls and floors the signal needs to pass through, their composition, the make and model of router you are using, the device you are trying to connect with...

Then consider any metal that might be between the two antennas that are trying to connect and tell us about that.

Then people can help.

Quick tip: try angling the antenna so that the long side, not the tip, points to where you want to connect.

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"skidaddy" hath wroth:

Wireless packets are lighter than air and therefore tend to rise more easily in an upwards direction. You'll find it easier connecting from downstairs to upstrairs. If you must go in the opposite direction, I suggest using something that's heavier than air, such as copper CAT5 wire.

More commonly, the floor is full or foil backed insulation, concrete, or something that blocks RF. In addition, the antennas that come on the typical wireless router are vertically polarized, where the bulk of the signal goes in the horizontal direction. Very little goes up or down. You can improve things somewhat by playing with the antenna orientation and pointing the rubber ducky antennas horizontally. Otherwise, look for a DIRECTIONAL gain antenna for the router.

Incidentally, if you have any furthur questions or need additional abuse, please supply some clue as to what hardware you're using and building construction details.

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Jeff Liebermann

Thanks Guys I appreciate your suggestions, I will try the various ideas you gave me. You have given me a picture of what I am dealing with.

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