Connecting Netgear Wireless Access Point WG602

Does anyone know if I can configure a Netgear WG602 Access Point to a Wireless Network that is provided by a Hotel Network. The Hotel's wireless router is unsecured but it will only allow one computer to log into it per user account. The network access is unsecured but in order to surf the internet I had to create a user account but it will only allow one computer to log in at a time.


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It doesn't matter how you arrange your network, with a bridge, hub, switch, or access point, it's one login per IP address (or possibly per MAC address). What should work is a "travel router". It looks like a single IP and MAC address to the hotel network, hiding all the machines behind it. Login with one computer, and traffic from all the other machines behind the router will appear to the hotel network as coming from a single IP and single MAC address. Google for "travel router" as there are many manufacturers and models.

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