Netgear WG602 v3 problems

Hi everyone, this is my first post to this newsgroup so please excuse my

lack of finesse. I am having trouble setting up a Netgear WG602 v3 acess

point as a repeater. I am using a Linksys WAG54 as my internet gateway

and primary access point but it doesn't seem to have a bridging option

built in. The only client system I am running is my notebook with built

in Intel 2100 adapter. The notebook can associate with the AP without a

problem, but when I switch the Netgear WG602 on I loose the siganl to

the Linksys AP. I have the WG602 set in repeater mode and have set the

frequency to chan 11 (same as the linksys AP) and to chan 5 (at least 3

channels difference) but get the same result. I am guessing that since

the Netgear WG602 is acting as a repeater, IP settings and Security

settings (WPA/WEP) should not matter since repeating is the physical

layer's job. My main reson for using a repeater is to extend the range

of the network.

thx for any advice


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Hi Have a look at

formatting link
may be what you are looking for.

I am looking to see if my Netgear DG834PN can be used as a wireless bridge. Not many routers can.



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thx for the url, but I am trying to use the access point as a repeater

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