What evices to use for Trasparent bridging ?


I am looking for a 802.11b(g) client devices which are not masking the MAC addresses. Gateway is autheticating the user on the hotspot on the MAC addreses. I need to extend a range of that hot spot using the point to point bridge, but all devices I used are masking the MAC addresses in the Client (Infrastructure) mode. There were few which didn't like Linksys, or Planet 1965 or Planet/Z-com 1950 but they are not produced anymore!

thaks Pawel Cieplinski

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I've not done that sort of thing myself, but I expect you could do this with OpenWRT. (Probably DD-WRT, etc., too.) I know OpenWRT can work as a client device, and it works well for me as a transparent bridge without messing with the MAC addresses.

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These articles might be of interest on how DD-WRT works:

The term "client bridge" was specifically contrived to avoid confusion with the term "transparent bridge".

I'm not sure I'm helping with this mess:

A transparent bridge does NOT rewrite MAC addresses (i.e. proxy ARP). A client bridge does.

Any bridge that offers Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint modes will act as a transparent bridge. It's the client bridge or workgroup bridge modes that causes problems. Also, a WDS bridge, is by it's very nature, is a transparent bridge.

It's also rather difficult to determine if these modes are offered from the manufacturers data sheets. It might be easier to just look at the settings and see if the modes are present:

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