Creating a WIFI network when DSL modem doesn't work well with a router

A friend of mine has DSL service. The modem that came with the service for some reason does'nt work when connected to a home router. So its currently connected via ethernet to a desktop PC. Is there a device that I can plug into a USB port on the PC that would tap into the internet connection (through the PC) and broadcast a WIFI signal so laptops can connect to the internet? Thanks

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Make and model of DSL modem. Make and model of home router (presumably a wireless router). Numbers are a good thing to know.

Name of ISP? Do they authenticate by MAC address? Some do, which will require "registering" the new MAC address (of the router) with the ISP.


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Jeff Liebermann

as Jeff said - it could be that the MAC of the computer is being used as the ONLY address the ISP will accept. The router MAC would either have to be registered (however that happens) with the ISP, or some routers can "clone" a MAC address for this specific purpose.

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Whenever I switch LAN interfaces with my cable modem (computer, router), I have to unplug-replug the modem. Did you do it that way, or just plug the cat cable into the router?

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On Tue, 2 Feb 2010 02:08:53 -0600, "ps56k" wrotd:

For instance, with the COMCAST modem/router, the "learned" MAC address becomes the only one it will service. This can be changed if the new device (router) is plugged into the modem, then the modem is RESET (li'l button in the back), not power cycled (that doesn't change anything, just a reboot in the old config). After that, the COMCAST modem/router services the new device just fine.

Some other ISPs have purported to "burn in" that registered MAC... haven't vcome across one, though.

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Froggie the Gremlin

There used to be MAC registration, but primarily on cable, not DSL. Even that seems to have gone away in my area.

You might have an IP address conflict, where the router is presenting a local LAN of, and the modem is presenting a local LAN of, so when your router is plugged into the modem, it see the same subnet on the LAN and WAN sides.

If you plug the PC into the modem, what does a cmd prompt "ipconfig" show for the IP address? What does the ipconfig show when the PC is plugged in to the router?

Who is the DSL Vendor? What is the make and model of the DSL modem? What is the make and model of the router?

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If the desktop PC is Windows 7, then try

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