machines in VLAN not able to access internet

I just recently purchased a cisco 1841 router. I have a DSL line with static IP address. I setup eth1 to connect to the DSL modem and eth0 is setup with IP (factory default). I also configured VLAN1 to handle

When I test, I can get 2 machines within VLAN1 to see ping each other and they can also ping the static IP, But, non of them are able to connect to the internet. Am I missing something here? Maybe a static route? but static route from where to where? Can someone help?

Thanks in advance. Steve_sc33

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Just a guess, but you didn't configure NAT? Post your config with any public IP's and any passwords X'd out.

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Yes, you are right, I did not configure default route. It's working now.

Thanks Steve_sc33

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