Cisco 350 connects to Linksys WAP, not to Linksys ADSL router: help with diagnosing?

I have a wired network in my home and recently intalled a Linksys WAP54G in order to graft wireless devices onto it. It works fine with the Cisco Aironet 350 card in my laptop (using Windows XP's configuration utility, not the Cisco ACU).

In preparation for installing an ADSL router/wireless network in my daughter's flat I have obtained a Linksys WAG354G; I'm trying it out at my home using just the wireless capability (i.e. not connecting it to the ADSL line).

The Cisco card in the laptop communicates with the WAP54G fine but it doesn't connect to the (apparently) identically configured WAG354G. The home desktop (which has a Linksys PCI WPM54G card) connects to both with ease.

I'm using XP's configuration utility and there's basically nothing else to do but select WAP-PSK (TKIP is the only option) and put in the WPA key, which I do using copy-and-paste. There are no error messages, no diagnostics: the "select a wireless network" applet sees the signal from the WAG and when I click connect it sits sulking at "waiting for the network" until the timeout and then returns to the "not connected" state. Yet if I select the house's "real" network - the one with the Access Point - it connects straight away.

What can I do to diagnose this? It has to be something easy, but I've looked everywhere for whatever-it-is.

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Henry Law
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Hi Henry,

We've seen some compatibility regressions in the 350 client's

5.60.x firmware (Install Wizard 1.5/1.6) when attempting to talk to various consumer APs.

If you downgrade your 350 card to 5.41.0 / 5.40.10 firmware, does it work with the WAG354G?



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