WAP versus wireless router

Looking to set up a "hybrid" network at home. I will use my current Ethernet and wish to add wireless function to remote desktop where I can't get wires without an unsightly mess

I thought all I needed was a Wireless Access Point (such as Linksys WAP54G) but then I saw a Linksys WRT54g wireless router that is described to have "three in one" functionality. Those three functions are:


- route

- 4 port switch

The WAP54G is about 20$ more expensive than the WRT54g, yet the WAP54g appears to have only one function (it's a wireless access point)

The WRT54g is cheaper yet is advertised to offer more functions.

My question is this: Instead of buying the more expensive WAP, can I just plug my cable modem into the WRT54G and use one of the 4 ports to Ethernet my nearby desktop in addition to wirelessly connecting the remote desktop to the net?

thx in advance bob

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Sure. Plug your ethernet cable modem into one of the four LAN ports of the WRT54G. Wireless routers are cheaper because more are sold and the cost goes down.

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