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For my application it is necessary to have all wireless communication over 802.11a in the 5Ghz band (I have to stay out of 2.4Ghz). I'm running a Dell Latitude D620 laptop with a mini-card that apparently supports all 3 standards 802.11a/b/g. Right now it is configured to use whatever the best rate option is. I would like to force it to always use 802.11a (which is supported by the wireless network I'm running through). Does anyone have any idea if this is first possible and then how to make the necessary changes? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks,


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Set the AP to only talk on "a" ?

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Al Dykes


I use 802.11a for my "heavy" LAN traffic, 802.11g for media, and 802.11b for anyone that wants to use it (open through a captive portal). My cordless phones are all 900 Mhz...

As Al said, simply just turn the 802.11g/b radio off on your wireless router or AP. Its that simple.

With DLink's, turning radios off option is usually under Advanced --> Performance. Couldn't tell you for other brands.


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