"Cascaded" Moto WR850G's?

I have used one Moto WR850G in my house for a couple of years with great success (several wired and wireless connections sharing access to a cable modem). Now I need to improve wireless coverage at the opposite end of the house. I already have a wire running from one end of the house to the other end, so is it possible to connect (with the CAT 5 wire) the WAN port of a second WR850G router to one of the LAN ports on the existing WR850G. I suppose I would configure the wireless setting identically on both, or could assign them different settings.

A WDS configuration doesn't seem to make sense given lack of wireless signal at the far end to start with.

Any other good alternatives for accomplishing this?

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Connect the LAN port on the second one to the LAN port on the first one. Then disable DHCP on the second one (the remote one). This will turn the second one into a wireless access point. You could then set the settings the same (Same SSID, different channel) and roam about your home without wires.


None that I can think of.

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Bryant Smith

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