Moto H500 and PC

Anyone got one of these working with a PC so the h/s can be used for Voip? How to set up?

I have Xp Pro Sp2 with a Moto bluetooth dongle which works fine with my v3i phone.

-- jerry

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Jerry hath wroth:

Sure, but not using a Motorola headset. I'm using a Plantronics BT3000 with a variety of USB Bluetooth dongles in various machines running Skype.

I tried the demo:

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fine for picking up the call from the BT headset.

Some notes on how to make it work with Skype:

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Some problems I've found are:

  1. Widcomm wrote most of the USB dongle drivers. The software has some problems with Windoze 98SE and ME. Works fine for W2K and XP. Widcomm was bought by Broadcom and updates to the smaller vendors seem to have stopped. I bought some dongles from Tigerdirect that had some really marginal drivers and no updates.
  2. Try to get a Bluetooth 1.2 or 2.0 dongle. The Bluetooth 1.1 devices have problems avoiding Wi-Fi interference. Your H500 is BT
1.2 compatible so it should take advantage of this feature.
  1. Switching the pairing between a cell phone and a computer is nightmare. It takes far to complex an ordeal process to switch on the PC.
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