Hi there, ive recently purchased a netgear WG111 version two for my pc, which is running on Vista. the router that we have at home is a Linksys WRT54G.

Now ive setup the drivers for the WG111v2 without a hitch, but when you have set it all up, including picking which network to join into and adding the passcodes the adapter cant seem to find the network.

The little icon down in the tray is red and says scanning, i can wait for 15 minutes and it will still stay scanning, i mean if the adapter can see the network to know you have to enter the passcode how can it suddenly not see it anymore?

This ones got me scratching my head/smashing pc

any help would be really really appreciated, thanks in advance :)

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On Sat, 9 Feb 2008 07:20:49 -0500, bizma wrote in :

WEP of WPA? If WEP, be sure to enter all keys (router and PC) in *hex*, not characters! And if WEP, change to WPA -- WEP is too easily broken to be of any real value.

If that doesn't help, turn off all security while troubleshooting.

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John Navas

bizma hath wroth:

Any particular WG111v2 driver? See:

and pick a number.

Out of curiosity, which hardware version WRT54G? Also, firmware version? Some versions had problems with the DHCP server and Vista.

With or without encryption? Try it without encryption. My guess(tm) is that you are doing that already and not getting a connection. This is beginning to sound familiar.

Ah. The little red ball below the icon is a clue. That means that the wireless client manager is trying to get a DHCP address and failing. Welcome to Vista.

Vista has numberous DHCP related bugs. See the list I posted at:

for the necessary fixes.

That's why I always wear a hat. Scratching my head is accellerating baldness. Smashing the PC is great fun, but rarely yields a successful solution.

Run: Start -> run -> cmd ipconfig If the IP address is something 192.168.xxx.xxx, it's working. If the IP address is, it's waiting for a DHCP address. It the IP address is 169.254.xxx.xxx, DHCP has given up.

For Vista, if you can't find the MSDOS command icon or the run command, try: Right click on the Start button in the lower left of the screen. Select Properties. Select "traditional start menus" or something like that. Welcome back to an XP style start menu.

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