Can multiple USB wireless adapters improve throughput?

I'm new to wireless networking. There's a technique sometimes used with dial-up modems by which two modems can be used in one computer to speed data transfer. Would it also be possible to use, for example, two USB wireless client adapters in tandem to increase the throughput rate, or would they simply be redundant or conflicting?

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Donald G. Davis
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not worth the effort! they'd conflict. If you can sort them out to be on different subnets, then you'd have to load some load-sharing software which I doubt exist at a reasonable price! Rather get a better antenna/ a device you can attach an antenna to! or something with more mW output...

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Coenraad Loubser

Improving signal strength and bigger antennas does NOTHING for the rate of data transfer. You would need to combine the data stream from two IP addresses, and even then you'd still need TWO transmitting nodes. A 54g is a 54g. Adding more receivers simply reduces the throughput of the TRANSMITTER by dividing bandwidth. You'd need two TRANSMITTERS (I mean by this routers, of course, but transmitter makes the point clearer I think), not just two more USB cards. Software to up bandwidth by combining routers I'm sure does exist, but not cheap and probably only for Unix.

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