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Anybody have the latest on the lawsuit? Is Buffalo being run out of business? I've found a few current articles, but they seem to be under most everyone's radar. I've had good luck with Buffalo's wireless products and would buy again, if Australia leaves something for us.

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I've heard nothing since: BUFFALO ISSUES A STATEMENT ABOUT THE CSIRO APPEAL Backed By Industry Leading Technology Companies, Buffalo Expects The United States Court of Appeals Will Overturn Its Decision November 21, 2007

In direct contrast, on November 22, 2007, Buffalo obtained the decision from the Japanese Patent Office (JPO) that CSIRO?s Japanese counterpart patent to the U.S. litigation was invalid. Despite having issued the CSIRO?s patent in the first place, the JPO was convinced by Buffalo?s overwhelming evidence of invalidity.

Due to the foregoing reasons, Buffalo believes that the Court of Appeals will ultimately issue a decision in Buffalo?s favor, finding CSIRO?s patent invalid and not infringed and vacating the injunction. Buffalo expects that a decision will be obtained within the next 7-12 months

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