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I have an Intel 2100ab (>11g) fitted and the signal strength is not that great where the machine is located.

Will an Intel 2200bg (>54g) increase signal strength or just speed.

The pc slot and onboard USB ports are busy so cannot fit any other form of wifi card.

dj Dell M60

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On Fri, 18 Jan 2008 05:59:54 -0000, "Me" wrote in :

Just speed. You need a better antenna for better signal.

Why not a mini USB hub?

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John Navas

Do you expect the signal strength to be poor where you are, or might it be something mechanical, like an antenna disconnected inside the laptop?

Is the router/WAP yours? Have you tried adding a simple reflector to it? That changed my preferred laptop location from marginal to solid, with no change in the laptop.

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EZ-12, printed on photo paper for thick stock, with aluminum foil glued to the sail, provides a substantial boost in signal.
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The netstumbler trace. Make the tabs longer than the template drawing, for easier assembly.

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