bluetooth and 802.11B/G in same environment.

Tell me is there any thing I should know before I go out and buy any bluetooth enabled devices.. I mean are there potential conflicts with my 802.11B/G wireless networking. I understand they are both on the same 2.4Ghz carrier... Like my old wireless telephone was.. Its now 5.8Ghz..

I just bought a wireless network card for one of my desktop computers and I noticed a software configuration option for bluetooth.. no clue what 'enabling' it does. Its a Linksys WMP54GS.. With another mystery marketing ploy called Speedbooster.

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No conflicts with BT and any other wireless, but keep the cell phones a few feet away from the wireless stuff. If you have a BT compatible wireless NIC, then enable it and see if it works! You might need the WinXP Bluetooth Service update, I'm not sure.

The Speedbooster is a marketing ploy. It will provide "burst" transmission if both the NIC and the router have this capability (and possibly if all devices have this capability). I don't believe that you will ever notice the boost unless transfering files between two computers and a router all of which have the burst capability.

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When you say the NIC is BT compatible, does that mean that it behaves like a bluetooth device or simply is tolerant in a BT environment?

Just a note.. The NIC is in a win2k desktop box.

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