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I currently have a wireless network with a Linksys WRT54G Wap/Router, and am wondering if I can just add a Anycom Bluetooth AP (supposedly plugs in to ethernet plugs) to give me a combo of both WAP and Bluetooth.. Why? Notebooks are all built in WiFi, but my PDA has Bluetooth. The WAN works fine (printers/shared files/intenet access/etc) with the notebooks, and this seemed like an easy way to add BT capabilty to the system for PDA without using one of those USB dongles and leaving a laptop on. There are a few things that make me wonder, 1) There is nothing in the ads about doing it (if it can, why not advertise it?), and 2) thay both seem to use the same radio frequencies (will they conflict ?) 3) When traveling, I use a WiFlyer AP/dialup modem to provide internet access via the WAN port, that also has a built in AP (on a different channel, will That conflict)

Anyone have any ideas?

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It will work just fine with a limitation. The Bluetooth has to be BT

1.2 or 2.0. BT 1.1 will not work. Bluetooth hops across all 80 channels and will clobber 802.11 no matter what channel is selected. The FCC approved AFH (adaptive frequency hopping) specifically to avoid interfering with 802.11.

However, there's a problem. Bluetooth doesn't just scan all 80 channels looking for interference and de-allocating those channels. Since the 802.11 and BT frequencies are asychronous, it would take quite a while to determine the source of interference. So, BT uses a probabalistic system which reduces, but doesn't totally eliminate the interference:

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'll get some interference, that decreases as the BT device deduces the channels to avoid, but it will work.

Actually, there are combination BT and 802.11 chips and products available. They're not too popular because AFH has largely eliminated the need for an integrated solution. It's late and I don't wanna go Googling.

802.11b/g DSSS uses about 1/3 of the available 83.5MHz wide band. BT FHSS uses all of the 83.5MHz. With AFH, BT can detect inteference and avoid it.

Nope. Works the same way as your wireless router at home. The AFH magic is in the Bluetooth device.

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