Blocking Roque Ad-hoc Network


Im doing a school project about blocking Rogue Ad-hoc networks This can be used during exams, when students are not allow to transfer files to eachother.

I found some information on google, but nothing specific how to do it.

I cannot buy any hardware, it has to be done with the available resources.

Any websites or ebooks that could help, are greatly appriciated.

Sorry for my bad english.

Thx in advance

John S

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Assuming you have an appropriate laptop under "available resources", try running NetStumbler to detect it.

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William P.N. Smith

AFAIK Netstumbler only detects access points that transmit an SSID.. although I'm known to be wrong on occasion.

Better to use Linux Kismet to detect... Better to use 2 or more video senders (2.4Ghz band) to jam the whole spectrum ;-) channels A thru D - try one at A, D and C - works a treat.

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