Best G or Pre-N router for port forwarding?

Anyone know of a wireless router (.11g or pre-n) with good port forwarding? I'm mainly looking to be able to route to the same port on two different private IP's, to be able to route to multiple remote desktops on the LAN.


Send public 3387 to, and public 3388 to

I have a D-Lnik 624 right now, and it's port forwarding arguably doesn't work at all, and certainly won't work for what I need to do.


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I've never had a problem with my 624's port forwarding. The only issue i've seen is that it wont forward GRE traffic through. Other than that, it works great!

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What firmware version are you using? The 2.42 has a bug that will sometimes "forget" firewall rules you set with "virtual server". I think this is specially true when you redirect to different ports internally.

If you are suffering from this bug you will not see your rule listed in Advanced->Firewall. It will reappear if you edit the rule and simply press apply. The 2.50 revision (and later) should have solved this.

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Actually, I just saw that there was a new software version released for


It solved my GRE issues, wonder if it'll solve your issues.

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