Belkin F5D8230-4 Pre-N Router.

Anyone have opinion/experience with Belkin's F5D8230-4 router? A friend
swears by his which he uses for gaming- 4 PCs in a 2bedroom apt. No
interference from his 2.4gig phones. I would be using it for simple
internet(web radio/video clips etc with two or three PC/laptop at most.
Three bdr. home. Frequency hopper 2.4g phone sys with 4handset units. It got
pretty good Cust. reviews from what I saw, but it is a "Pre-n" and I am
leery of non-standard equip.. Thoughts?
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Should also have asked about the F5D8000 pci/laptop adapter card. Thanks.
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I've had one for several months. No problems good coverage. In fairness, I'm only using 11g cards on the two wireless PC's.
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I have both of the devices. They perform flawlessly with dramatically better range and speed than my previous Linksys "G" system. I upgraded for the increase in range more than for the speed increase. In what I consider a torture test, I can successfully and consistently backup and validate over 30 GB of data over a distance of about 20 feet and up one level of stairs in my house, which I was not able to do with the "G" system. As to the "pre' standard designation, at the current cost of equipment, I figure there isn't a huge financial downside to upgrading if something significantly better is included in the final "N" standard. YMMV, of course. HTH.
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