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Multiple ATM virtual circuits, to multiple ISP's, is not supported by any DSL ISP in the US that I know about. It's a common feature of any DSL modem bridge on the market that allows customer access to the internal settings. However, the typical US DSL provider only allows one VPI/VCI pair to the DSLAM and Redback router. There's no reason to do this except that it keeps competative ISP's from easily providing backup and fallback services.

I have not seen any conglomerated DSL/router/wireless/printer/etc box that can do multiple ATM virtual circuits. It would be difficult to impliment because each connection would have it's own IP address. You would need a rather exotic router, possibly with "channel bonding" technology, in order to do anything useful. There are routers that will handle multiple multiple broadband connections. These will balance the LAN side network load between either of the two broadband connections, but will not aggregate the broadband bandwidth into one connection.

Perhaps it would be helpful if you would disclose what you are trying to accomplish and what you have to work with? Perhaps a description of your "massive problems" might be helpful.

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Jeff Liebermann
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I have a DLink DSL-G604T that I am having massive problems with, can anyone recommend a router that allows dual sessions ie 2 different passwords and connections throught the same DSL and will also allow a network prinetr to be connected?

many thanks Dave

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"dave" wrote in news:d74siq$73l$

I would think any router would allow a network printer be connected to it so tha pinter could get an IP or you could use a print server and let it get an IP from the router and plug the printer into it.

What's this dual password thing?

Duane :)

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Duane Arnold

Whay would you want 2 passwords/connections on one DSL? Is that possible (it sounds very odd to me).

Almost any router will allow a network printer- or do you mean you want the router to incorporate a print server, to turn anordinary printer into a network one?

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Chris Bartram

dual what sessions? Two VPN connections simultaneously? I've heard that some routers don't allow it, but the Netgear, SMC, and Linksys that I've used all do allow at least two. Jeff Liebermann has commented on this in the past.

Network printer while you are on VPN? Sorry, I don't think that ever works. Your route is controlled by the VPN, and you can't get to your local network from the VPN. I have a network printer that I cabled to one PC just for that reason.

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