DLink DSL-604T Shareaza port forwarding

I am having problems enabling Shareaza to work on my DLink DSL-G604T Router. I have searched everywhere but still no fix.

Basically this is my setup

Computer running XP SP2 - Downloaded Patch to allow increased connections. Opened shareaza port for tcp/udp. but have turned it off so I know its not the built in Firewall. By tyhe way I have a static IP.

Router has connection to Tiscalli braodband with NAT and firewall turned ON. PPPoE with 'Set Route' Ticked. DNS Discovered automatically.

Added my IP as a static one. I am using Port Forwarding for Shareaza. It has Gnutella rule for use already built in using the port that i need forwarding. So port start, port end and port map are all using

6346. Applied that using my LAN IP. My LAN IP is also DMZ. UDuP not enabled......

No other settings have been changed. i really want this fixed not just to use Shareaza but because I have spent days messing around with it and would like to know where I have gone wrong. Groups hasnt let me down yet so if you can help I would really appreciate it!


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