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I am looking for a solution that will allow multiple PPTP VPN connections through it. We have tried and failed with Netgears/DLink etc, and are hoping this Cisco box will be the answer to our prayers.

Basically, there will be several laptop users arriving at a satellite office and connecting to the Internet using ADSL via the Wifi on this box. They all then logon to a remote network via a DUN PPTP VPN. The problem we have had with the NAT implentation on the previously mentioned equipment, is that they only allow one PPTP passthrough at any given time.

I should also mention that the laptop users will all be getting a DHCP assigned address from the router.

So, can anyone confirm whether the Cisco 877 will allow multiple PPTP passthroughs? The Cisco website states it allows 10 VPN Tunnels but I am guessing this refers to IPSEC VPN's terminating on the box itself.

Any info/suggestions welcome.

Many Thanks, Matt

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You'll be fine with the multiple PPTP connections simeltaneously however, you might have to setup some sort of inspection rules or configure static mappings. Otherwise only the first person who utilizes the PAT will be able to use the VPN. This might require an IOS upgrade to the advanced IP services which in turn would require a memory upgrade.

You can go to the Cisco Feature Navigator and login with your CCO account to check what features are available with what IOS and the memory requirements.

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