Belkin Pre-N wireless router does not connect with security enabled

Hello, I am connected to the internet via an NTL cable modem through a Belkin Pre-N wireless router. When I select no security the connection works fine. However when I select a 64 bit WEP password I can no longer connect to the wireless network. This is very frustrating and cannot seem to see why. I also have a HP 4150 PPC that I want to connect to the network which seems very flaky and keeps saying that it is connected and then drops back to network available each time I try to connect. Any help on these issues would be much apprecialed.

Thanks in advance


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OK. It works without encryption but fails with 64 bit WEP. Try using a Hex WEP key instead of ASCII. The ASCII to Hex conversion routines are not univeral among manufacturers (or even different models by the same manufacturer). Your 5 character ASCII key will expand to 10 Hex characters. Use random Hex garbage for the key.

Is this a seperate issue or related to the WEP key issue?

Such connect and disconnect cycles are usually due to firmware and driver issues. If "flakey" means lack of signal or high noise level, then the disconnects might be interference from other wireless system, cordless phones, microwave ovens, etc. Instead of the default "auto" channel selection, try channels 1, 6, and 11 to see which works best.

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Is this a XP O/S machine?

Duane :)

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I have got this all working now. Not sure what I done but it did seem to just jump into life and has been ok since. All that I can say is that I did use a HEX WEP key and that seems to work fine.

Thanks for your help. Gary

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