unpredictable wireless home network

hi there, im new so hi and sorry if im repeating a thread

anyway i have a wireless network at home, and i just set up wep security last nite, i only just got connected again this morning, after many attempts i had this problem before i had security though, i would have to take the usb reciever out and plug it in again, exit the software start it again, and eventually it would connect :confused:

why is this happening? am i too far away from my router? :huh:

cheers :cool: gordon

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On 2007-09-09, gordonquinn intrigued me by typing:

Not necessarily. Anyway, please provide this group with the make and model numbers of all of your devices. Also provide the operating system. If your wireless adapters are fairly new, they *should* support WPA. Read the documentation that came with the products for confirmation of this. If so, use WPA-PSK or WPA2 and enter a long nonsense passphrase or dice words. WPA is much more secure than WEP. As for possible interferences, is your wireless devices near microwaves, old wireless home phones, refrigerators ,etcetera? If so, move to a different location. Also, if you have not changed the *default* SSID of your wireless router or wireless access point, your device could be trying to compete for and/or with another wireless router or WAP with the same SSID. Anyway, I hope this helps you. Take care.

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