Wi-Fi Guard !

i am a software engineer student, doing bachelors.

i have proposed to make a Final Year project on Wireless Intrusion Detection System.

kindly give me a guide on this.

and tell me what are new attacks in Wireless Network

and also give my some sites and some information..

thanks in advance...

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m_umair_85 hath wroth:

There are many commerical wireless intrusion detection systems available. Search Google for "wireless intrusion detection systems". Also:

I will not discuss emploits unless they have been fixed and the fix is commonly available. That means I won't even mention any "new" exploits. However, some of the older exploits and attacks are available here:

Note that a wireless intrusion detection system should be able to detect attacks in progress, that have NOT penetrated the IDS firewall. That's not easy.

This article looks like a good start in what is available:

with good footnotes leading to other articles.

May I suggest you limit your scope to some aspect of wireless intrusion detection, and not attempt to detect or block the ever growing number of exploits and attacks. Some useful, such as a system to detect war drivers, IV collectors, and DoS attacks would be nice.

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