How can I use WDS as repeater ?

I have a wireless broadband router CNet CNBR-914W connected to my ISP modem (DHCP server on) and a 3COM Officeconnect Wireless 11G Router (3CRWE554G72T) with WDS (DHCP server switched off)

So how can I connect 3com to work as a repeater? I have turned WDS on.

So far I know that SSID must be the same on both , and I fill in the mac address from CNET to 3COM. And that DHCP is switched off. I have tried this , I connect to SSID without a problem but nothing happens, so I must have forget something?

Maybe I have to configure the CNet router as well?

Thanks for any advice!


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I've read that you may have problems trying to use WDS with routers of different manufacturers. Anyone used WDS with different manufacturer routers ?

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Steve Berry

I have set up a site with 5 Senao 3054 CB3 Plus's using WDS. There are 4 AP's and one in bridge mode to connect a desktop. One AP is the Main repeater/distributer to the other 3 using WDS. The furthest away is about 1000' which is the one the bridged client then connects to. I have a 12dbi yagi on the main AP.

I originally setup all with the same SSID and could roam seemlessly from each except when near where the main AP is I was having diffuculty with the nearest WDS'ed AP with the laptop not sure which to connect to when walking around the house so changed that one to a different SSID and works fine now.

Since we are only interested in getting on surfing the net and are using a direcway system (slow but not other options where we are) and not transferring files between each other I set everything to using B mode and also set to 1-2mb max throughput. I had tried it in all configs and found this to be the best. Seemed to drop a lot of packets when set to default settings (using B and G and auto thoughput) but when changed to just B mode and 1-2mbs it worked wonderfully and still does from an internal network standpoint. The only problem I find is with the latency with the direcway sometimes causes a lot of lost packets. (1000ms latency avg. pinging google from the furthest away computer) We are out where there is absolutely no other AP's to interfere and no portable phones either and still found this to work the best. If you don't need the full throughput I would suggest trying this and seeing how it works.

It seems to me that so many people in this group are trying to get the max throughput and wonder how many actually NEED IT. Are they really transferring that many files within their home network? Most I would assume only have a 3-6mb connection to the net anyway so what is the need to get 108mb or even 54 for that matter when you are only trying to surf the net. I realize its nice to get the best but sometimes I think it is better to stick with lower throughput and better quality. At least that seems to work better for me. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated

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